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How 9 hedge funds including Millennium and AQR are thinking about AI — and the 11 experts leading the charge

  • Hedge funds have been on an AI hiring tear as firms look to solidify their teams and strategies.
  • Wall Street aims to use AI to boost productivity and performance and cut costs.
  • Business Insider takes you inside the booming world of AI at the country's biggest hedge funds.

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Our Approach

The science of trading intelligence.

The word vatic means to describe or predict what will happen in the future, and that’s exactly what we do. Vatic Labs is a global liquidity provider, where traders, AI researchers, and technologists collaborate to develop autonomous trading agents and cutting edge technology. We work together, building systems that boost market efficiency and transparency.

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Our Values

Driven to succeed, guided by values.

Achieve exceptional results and merit the respect of our colleagues and our industry. Hold ourselves to the highest standards, continually challenging ourselves to redefine what it means to be the best.

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Your greatest achievement is yet to come.

We invest in people, and our team members are here to flourish. We encourage our team to collaborate with their colleagues to stretch themselves to achieve more. We seek extremely smart, passionate, and driven people, who have demonstrated a commitment to achieving exceptional results.

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The right connections get the right solutions.

We’re always looking to meet new people and expand our network of connections. We believe that the more people you get to know, the more you learn about the world, and we look forward to meeting you.

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