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Vatic Gives/Culture

At Vatic we value giving back to the community and are committed to putting in 1000+ hours of community service as a team annually! To help promote this, we planCompany-wide volunteering events throughout the year, and we encourage our colleagues to participate. We have donated both time and money to many causes such as volunteering at the Bowery Mission Dinner Service, The Ronald Mcdonald House and holding donation drives for Part of the Solution. We even give team members the option to "donate" their birthday gift cards to a charity of their choice by having Vatic send a donation to that charity for the amount.
Some of the volunteer opportunities that Vatic encourages team members to participate in, include, but not limited to:

• Interacting with dogs/cats/rabbits at care center/off-site events with Animal Care Centers of NYC, and organization that finds loving homes for homeless and abandoned pets.

• Advocating, field investigations, and adoption center volunteering with the ASPCA.

• Preparing hot meals; serving meals in Harlem; sorting, weighing and repackaging vital food products with Food Bank NYC

• Hosting an out-of-town patient, and/or escorting local patients to their home with Haven Coalition, a network of volunteers who help women have abortions in NYC by providing out-of-town patients a safe place to stay, dinner and transportation to and from clinics, as well as providing local patients an escort following their appointment to their home within the five boroughs.

• Teaching 90-minutes/week for 10 weeks at Citizen Schools, who partner with low-income communities and allow adolescents to work side-by-side with experts to explore new fields, learn new skills and build a foundation for their future

• Mentoring students, serving meals in soup kitchens, cleaning up parks, or helping the homeless with New York Cares, an organization that connects those interested in volunteering with nonprofit organizations and schools across all five boroughs, focusing mainly on education, immediate needs and public spaces.

• Meal servicing (breakfast/lunch/dinner), short term service trip, or participating in the Leadership Academy (mentoring) with Mission Bowery, who service homeless, hungry and poor New Yorkers.

• Tutoring, or providing meal service with Part of the Solution, a community in the Bronx that nourishes the basic needs and hunger of all who come to its door.

• Creative Arts & Crafts, Sunshine Chefs, or Book Buddies with Project Sunshine, which helps kids feel good so they can get well.

• Utilizing Robin Hood, an organization that connects a person to a range of nonprofits with different service goals, including youth activity/play, meal service, food banks, housing/medical services, tutoring, employment education, economic education, incarceration alternatives, mentorship, and reading with struggling kids.

• Volunteering with Ronald McDonald House, which creates, finds, and supports programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children and their families. Team members interact with kids (i.e. moviemaking), coordinate and set-up wellness events, perform bedside services for hospitalized children, cook & serve meals, and provide office administration if needed.

• Volunteering one night monthly for administrative projects, Activist Council, or community health fairs with Planned Parenthood, which provides affordable reproductive healthcare and advancement of global health.

• Volunteering with NYC Health & Hospitals, which provides entertainment/relief to hospital patients. Volunteers are required to give 3-6 hours of their time each week, which can range from reading/writing letters to/for patients, escorting patients to/from activities, assisting with occupational and physical therapists, art therapy programs, assisting chaplains, providing entertainment to adults/children, playing with children and babies, tutoring pediatric patients, gardening and landscaping, clerical and computer work.

Volunteering with Sanctuary for Families, which strives to end gender violence through three key strategies: direct service, outreach and training, and system change advocacy. Participants offer their services in childcare, running activities, tutoring (adults and children), translation services (such as French and Mandarin), and providing administrative help.